Step #1: Select An Apparel

Step #2: Determine Placement Of Your Design


  1. Now, choose the place you plan to place your designs according to the layout of your selected apparel.
  2. Attach your designs with the order request at step 4.
  3. Your designs will be evaluated by our experience designers in order to quote you reasonably.

Step #3: Select Types Finishing

Step #4: Place Your Order

Step #5: Wait For Quotation

  1. You will receive your quotation from us as soon as possible.
  2. Please make sure your email is valid!

Trezepurple – About Us

TREZE PURPLE is founded in 2006. It began in Ipoh more than 10 years ago with creativity and the understanding that everyone is unique in their own way as its guiding principle. At Treze Purple, we firmly believes that a person’s image is everything and is a reflection of the company he represents.

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